Post River Software


This is the BIOS & Firmware engineer's ultimate tool. Monster allows you to view and/or modify hardware resources. The program currently supports the following resources:

Download v0.10.04 (April 14, 2006) here - This is the recommended version
Download v0.10.06 (Aug 17, 2006) here - Experimental beta version
Download v0.11 (Dec 14, 2006) here - Special console mode version


This is a CPU load monitor, run under Windows 98. It tracks the CPU load in real time (at a user configurable interval),and also displays the name of the process requiring the most attention during each interval. Historical data is saved, allowing you to go back in time to analyze system behavior and query the internet for more details on any given process.

Download v0.06 (March 15, 2006) here.


A low level programmer's calculator, output is shown in hex, decimal, and binary simultaneously. The up/down arrow keys allow you to select the input radix. No screen real estate is wasted on a numeric keypad, you must use they keyboard.

Download v0.04.00 (Feb 28, 2006) here.

Jurassic DOS Tools

Four DOS-era tools packaged in one ZIP file:

Download (Dec 27, 2008) here.